The Angelcy (which they prefer spelling “theAngelcy”), was first a song cycle, a lyrical and musical universe by the then homeless and completely unknown singer-songwriter Rotem Bar Or. 

The songs were influenced by early blues, hippie music (songs you can hear in hippie gatherings, around the fire), roots reggae and roots music from other places in the world, coupled with some esoteric, relatively unknown musicians and writers (“Me We a New Religion” and “Sons of Noel and Adrian” among others). Strong emphasis is put on lyrics, exploring great universal fears and hopes via very personal statements.

During 2011, a group of musicians gathered around Bar Or, to set up the band known as theAngelcy. The band consists of six members (two of them left and were replaced during the past six intensive years) playing the Viola, Clarinet, Drums (two drummers on one drumkit, unconventionally playing standing up) and Double bass, to accompany Bar Or’s guitar. All band members sing, and are all multi instrumentalists. The band arranges all the songs together, and are very much into investigating group work.

The band developed their own unique sound, using their classical instruments in new compositions and new forms, using a lot of vocals and percussion to complement the deep, sometimes sorrowful songs with lively energy. The atmosphere on stage in between songs is usually very casual, sometimes funny and sometimes awkward, as the text between songs is always ad libbed. Half of the band members are male.

Even before releasing their debut album, “Exit Inside”, theAngelcy have garnered great reviews and immediately gathered a real following. A demo version of one of their songs (“Dreamer”) made its way into Israel’s most popular and influential radio playlist, and became a local hit, long before the band ever considered management, PR, etc.

In the spring of 2014, the band released its debut album, which was hailed as one of the best albums of the year by all medias in Israel (some of which elected it their album of the year), increased their following to somewhat of a historical local indie phenomenon, and got them some serious attention outside of Israel.

In the spring of 2015 the album was released worldwide by Jive Epic France (a Sony label), and the band continued to extensively tour Europe and Israel. theAngelcy has some substantial following in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria, and have performed on some important stages in those countries and others (Primavera Festival, Sziget, Fusion Festival, Haldern Pop, Printemps Bourges and Mama Festival to name just a few).

In the past year the band has reduced the volume of their touring in favour of working on their second album which is expected during 2018.

Current band members are: Maya Lee Roman (viola), Uri Marom (clarinet), Maayan Zimry and Udi Naor (drums) and Gal Maestro (double bass).

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